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Science & Us (S&U) is a youth-led organization based in greater Boston. We're driven by the reality that science affects social, political, and ethical issues that impact everyone. Understanding the fundamentals of STEM and the scientific process is essential, regardless of one's passion or profession, and that demands effective communication.

Our mission is to teach high school students how to explain technical concepts in engaging, accessible ways to diverse audiences. We also raise awareness among youth about interdisciplinary career opportunities in STEM, such as science media and policy.

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S&U Student Conference in Boston

At this biannual event, middle and high school students in greater Boston learn and practice science communication skills. From explaining school science lessons in exciting ways to creating podcasts and clear presentations, they gain valuable knowledge and learn about emerging careers like science policy and outreach.

Our last conference was held at Boston University on June 9, 2018, and featured presentations, workshops, and a panel with scientists and journalists from Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Boston University, and STAT News.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next event in fall 2018!

S&U SciComm Starter Kit

There are plenty of STEM clubs, programs, and organizations for students, but few emphasize how to communicate their projects and passions to non-experts, such as friends with different interests, parents, and the general public.

For these groups, we offer a collection of resources and guidance on how to easily integrate teaching and practicing communication skills into some of your meetings or sessions.

As part of our pilot program, we'll be offering incentives to participating clubs/organizations, who will provide us with feedback to improve and potentially expand the program.

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